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Dalet Radio Automation Software Download \/\/FREE\\\\

RTL Belgium has selected OmniPlayer as their new broadcasting production and playout system. OmniPlayer 3, the new software innovation in radio broadcasting, will be implemented into the commercial radio stations of RTL in Belgium, starting with Radio Contact and Bel RTL.

Dalet Radio Automation Software Download

It comes with multiple configurable productions and broadcasting modules, including ingest, edit, schedule, playout, and archive sections. The MOS-compliant news studio software features state-of-the-art audio recording and production desktop tools designed specifically for journalists. All in all, the Dalet Radio Suite is a one-stop solution for all your professional radio broadcasting needs.

The platform helps the users to keep track of the performances and listeners of their station; moreover, users can find out the resource usage through its stream statistics system. It provides an auto DJ to radio station users, and users can have a media library where they can drag and drop artists or songs. Centova Cast enables users to download songs performance reports for royalty reporting. Lastly, users can ensure broadcast reliability with automatic stream and recovery from failures.

AzuraCast is a reputable self-hosted and reliable web radio management suite that allows you to startup a fully working web-based radio station in no time. The software has an easy-to-use installer and a powerful, intuitive interface to manage your radio station effectively. AzureCast comes with affordable VPS web hosts, and it is currently running in beta. It would be best if you had a basic understanding of the Linux shell terminal to use AzuraCast comfortably.

PlayIt Live is an estimable radio automated playout system that allows you to streamline the broadcasting process. The software contains a built-in remote management server that makes ways to manage the data outside the studio. PlayIt Live is leveraging broadcasters with advanced scheduling with reporting and advert management and benefits you with integrated voice tracking, including remote voice tracking.

mAirList is an all in one radio automation software program that comes with the full customizable playout engine. The software benefits broadcasters with automation, live mode skin-able user interface, multi-tab cart wall, and support for voice tracing. The platform is providing several built-in remote-control options that efficiently integrates with studio equipment. You can persuasively manage your audio files and playlist logs via a built-in enabled audio library.

RadioBOSS is the best radio automation software that makes it easy for you to streamline radio station processes. The software entitles you to easily build playlists with advertising support, convert and manage audio assets, hourly blocks, rotations, crossfading, and much more. It eliminates traditional radio programming, and you do not need to serve your money and time over extremely sophisticated and complex software.

Sourcefabric Airtime is reliable and easy to use radio automation platform that allows you to build and schedule shows, upload audio, and live broadcasting. The platform ensues with the comprehensive management system that paves the way for remote broadcast automation and efficient program exchange between radio stations. You have certain options to stream audio either over the web or via FM and digital.

LibreTime is an intelligent open-source radio automation server designed for low-power FM stations. The platform makes it extremely useful for a terrestrial radio station, or you can run it online with a simple setup for installation. LiberTime benefits you with the web-based remote management that sanctions personnel to create a playlist, SmartBooks, stream live, and add program material that all you can do with the single web interface.

Rivendell is a comprehensive and advanced radio broadcast automation solution for you with a wide variety of support for third party software and hardware. The software provides you multiple facilities for the management, acquisition, scheduling, and playout of audio content. Rivendell has all the features that a fully-fledged audio automation system has required, including MPEG and PCM audio encoding, log customization, and full voice tracking.

ProppFrexx provides an all-in-one playout and radio transmission & automation suite that is intended for general On-Air operations, including live assist and automation. You can use its ONAIR tool for large terrestrial radio stations or small-scale web radio stations that are operated live or typically automatic. ProppFrexx is designed to work with the highest audio eminence for 24/7 and 365 days operations. It contains all features required to support your daily workflow. With the unlimited mixture and routing capabilities, the tool allows you to integrate input and output channels with ProppFrexx. It supports fast switching between multiple mixer setups, DSPs, VSTs, or other soundcards.

ZaraStudio is software that is designed to automate radio stations broadcasting. The software allows random music styles, automatic overlaps, and fades between songs and vocals. This helps in DTMF tones without additional hardware. You can remotely control the hardware via a parallel port, handle the whole event with four aux players that can handle up to six sound cards. These features make it a popular one-stop radio broadcasting solution. The tool supports Windows 7, 8, and 10. ZaraStudio also works with conventional soundcards with minimal hardware requirements.

RadioTools AirPRO is software made to enhance the functionality of radio broadcasting. It is a fully-featured rock-solid platform for professional broadcasters. Some highlighting features include easily selectable, automated, live assisted as well as manual modes of operation. It also has an integrated clock, grid-based music, and event scheduling module.

The software is intended to mix with third-party music and traffic arrangement software and hardware. Other notable features include full voice-tracking capability, integrated report creation for both music and commercial traffic, and run up to three full automation logs concurrently on every hardware. Additionally, the tool is made for efficient use with a mouse, touchscreen, and keyboard. The lossless cloud storage is also there to ingest all common audio types, including MP3, FLAC, WAV, MP2, and MP4.

MetaRadio is easy to use software that manages Now Playing song metadata for your radio station. Send your metadata anywhere!With MetaRadio, you can take the live now-playing data from your radio playout/automation systems, and send it to WordPress, RDS RadioText+ Encoders, Shoutcast, Icecast, TuneIn Radio, DAB, DAB+, HD Radio, Generic HTTP GET/POST Endpoints, Mobile Apps, and more!

I've been using WinHex to analyse some soundfiles created by the Dalet radio automation system (version 5.1). I have made a couple of templates for this purpose and I thought I'd share them. There are three templates.Dalet SND file header.txtDalet VOL file header.txtOne for reading the header of files with the SND extension. These are the old style soundfiles used to store MPEG-layer II audio. All SND files are accompanied by a VOL file which is used to store the volume information. This enables the Dalet system to quickly draw the waveform.Dalet BWF file header.txtThe third template describes the Broadcast Wave Format as developed by the EBU. This format can be used to store MPEG as well as linear (uncompressed) audio. The BWF format is not only used by Dalet, but also by other programs used in radio and television production. (Steven Scholte) JFS Superblock Jens Kirschner JFS Superblock.tplThis template should work for Linux implementations of JFS. (Jens Kirschner) Reiser4 File System Data Structures Jens Kirschner Reiser4 is a fairly complex file system. Not every possible data structure variation is covered by these templates, but they work fairly well for me. Start with the Reiser4 Superblock.tpl on Sector 64.

Browser32 is an easy-to-use database program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 & XP designed to work with Dalet systems. The function of the program is to emulate the Base Browser application and allow users cheap access to audio files in the Dalet radio automation system.

Rocket Broadcaster is a streaming audio encoder for broadcasting live audio through a streaming server.It's compatible with all major streaming networks and captures metadata from most radio automation software.

A modern radio automation system should be able to connect to modern consoles: you can connect OnAir Radio to both analogue and digital consoles. Popular consoles that can be used with OnAir Radio are the Axia models from the Telos Alliance and the digital radio consoles of Wheatstone.

A good music scheduler is probably one of the most important functions of a good radio automation system. This is why we have equipped OnAir Radio with one of the most advanced music schedulers in the industry.

A unique feature is that the planner connects with OnAir WebX. With OnAir Web-X you can record your voice-tracks in a browser. All recorded items are ingested in the planner and in the player fully automatic. This feature makes OnAir Radio an easy radio automation software to work remotely with!

OnAir Radio is optimized for operating multiple stations or channels. With our multi-station setup, managing your multi-station operation will be efficient and user friendly. This feature makes OnAir Radio a radio automation software which makes your life a lot easier if you have to manage multiple radio stations.

We would like to make acquaintance with you: What kind of station or stations do you operate, what are the current challenges with your existing setup and what are your specific wishes regarding new radio automation software?

We can provide you with an trial version of our radio automation software. This trail version will be valid for 14 days and comes with a filled and fully configured database so you can start testing right away.


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