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Hector Ponomarev
Hector Ponomarev

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro Update 1 X64 PT BR MSDN

The warning is expected and occurs because a 64 bit Windows* applications (i.e. the Intel Fortran compiler) must use 64 bit dlls ( -us/library/windows/desktop/aa384231(v=vs.85).aspx); however, Microsoft Visual Studio Express* only provides a 32 bit version of mspdb*.dll. The missing 64 bit version leads to the warning. This is a warning-level diagnostic that does not impede successfully building an executable; however, debug information requested is embedded into the object (.obj) file for use with the debugger. No .pdb file is produced by the compiler when /Z7 is enabled.

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro Update 1 x64 PT BR MSDN

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