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Windows 2000 Resource Kit Download Sc.exe

The Resource Kit tools mainly help administrators streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting operating system issues, configuring networking and security features, managing Active Directory and automating application deployment. The resource kits are also geared towards "power users" and contain other tools such as extra commands for the Windows batch/shell environment, programming aids, database tools, and miscellaneous tools. Interpreters for programming languages such as Perl, Rexx, KiXtart, awk and a version of the Unix Korn shell are available with many of the operating system Resource Kits, including those for both the Windows 95-98 and Windows NT-2000 streams of operating systems.

Windows 2000 Resource Kit Download Sc.exe


In the past, Microsoft used to release supplements for some Resource Kits which offered revised and new tools and resources. Microsoft released two supplements for the Windows NT 3.51 Server Resource Kit, four supplements for the Windows NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit and one supplement for the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit. Some of these utilities (such as robocopy and takeown) later shipped as part of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Others were included in later Resource Kits. Older Resource Kits are no longer available from Microsoft but can in most cases be ordered from booksellers.

The Windows 2000 Resource Kit also contains over 300 utilities.[1] For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, over 120 tools and utilities have been updated.[2] The Windows disc for Windows 2000, Windows XP and later operating systems also includes a set of tools known as Windows Support Tools. Many of the support tools are also included in the Resource Kit, some being updated versions of past Resource Kit tools. The Microsoft web site has downloads of Windows 2000/XP era tools which are in addition to those in the standard kits or updated version of the ones shipping in the Resource Kits. Windows XP Professional Resource Kit, Third Edition was released after Windows XP Service Pack 2.[3] All of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools are available for download free of charge.[4]

Windows 2000 may not include the Sc.exe command. You can download the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit at Once you download and extract the file, you can put the Sc.exe file into the WinNTSystem32 folder.

I've chosen tools that I rely on heavily to administer a large Win2K-and-NT environment. I provide usage examples for each tool to give you a sense of its value and how you might use it in your environment. Although my discussion of the tools assumes that you've downloaded Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement One and Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 4, most of the tools come with the base resource kits.

The sc.exe command comes with Windows XP and is inthe system32 subdirectory of the Windows installationdirectory (usually either C:\windows\system32 or C:\winnt\system32). As of this writing, the Windows 2000 sc.exe isavailable for download at Formore information on using sc.exe, see =/library/en-us/dndllpro/html/msdn_scmslite.asp.

We use Kinetic studio software to deal with old stopped flow instrument (before 2000). the installation manual refer in the last step that when you open instacal it will detect the card automatically which is not happen. The card is asked for his driver and the package help windows to define it correctly. however, instacal does not detect it.


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