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tibiskey v. elmbusdottir 09/20/2018 -- argued on september 12, 2018, and decided on september 20, 2018 -- in a legal challenge to a 95-year-old statute that provides that immigrants are ineligible for naturalization if they did not meet certain educational requirements, the trial court erred by dismissing a third-party complaint against the united states for its failure to exhaust administrative remedies and refusing to allow the applicant to amend his complaint because he asserted new causes of action based on intervening legal events, and by dismissing the applicant's breach-of-contract claims.

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161891 hill v. hise 06/11/2017 in a consolidated breach of contract case, the circuit court erred by granting summary judgment in favor of the defendant, finding it lacked jurisdiction. defendant's notice of appeal was timely filed, and the breach of contract claim arises from construction of virginia's interlocal cooperation act. the circuit court relied on language in code 55-229.43(a) that provides that a party may not appeal a decision of the state board of contract appeals that concerns contract construction or interpretation or otherwise relates to the contract that is the subject of the appeal. however, the statute does not apply to the proper construction of virginia's interlocal cooperation act. the circuit court also incorrectly concluded that the general assembly had impliedly repealed the right to appeal to the circuit court actions and decisions arising under the interlocal cooperation act.

183383 redfearn v. clark 09/17/2018 in a criminal case involving the possession of illegal drugs by a parent as a result of an accidental ingestion of methamphetamine by a minor child, the circuit court erred in concluding that (1) the commonwealth was not required to provide a pretrial diversionary program to address the misdemeanor offense of child endangerment and related persistent felony offender charge, and (2) that the defendant was not entitled to a jury trial and jury consideration of the issue of whether a 30-month sentence for the misdemeanor child endangerment charge was appropriate. prior to trial, the parties agreed to divert the case in an effort to minimize the punishment for the defendant. the record reflects that the agreed-upon diversionary program was followed by the parties and that the trial judge expected the defendant to accept the diversionary offer. in response to the trial judge s request for a pretrial diversion agreement, the defense attorney did not identify any specific provisions of code 19.2-287.3 to which the parties were not complying. upon review of the agreed upon terms of the diversionary program, it is clear that the commonwealth failed to provide the defendant with pretrial diversion. accordingly, the trial court s failure to divert the defendant under code 19.3 was error. the defendant s motion to dismiss the drug possession charge was properly denied, as the child endangerment charge related to the drug possession charge and was not a separate and distinct charge. the defendants contention that he was improperly charged with child endangerment as a first-time offender is without merit. the record reflects that in a statement to the police, the minor child reported that the defendant had dropped a pipe and the minor child retrieved the pipe containing a brown liquid and that when the defendant asked what was in the pipe, the minor child indicated that the pipe contained methamphetamine. the record reflects that the defendant made it clear to the trial court that he was amenable to the terms of the diversion.


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