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Khulasat Ul Fatwa.pdf

Khulasat Ul Fatwa.pdf: A Summary of Hanafi Fiqh

Khulasat Ul Fatwa.pdf is a digital file that contains the scanned pages of a book titled Khulasat al-Fatawa, which is a summary of Hanafi fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) written by Iftikhar ad-Din Tahir bin Ahmad bin Abd ar Rashid al-Bukhari, a scholar who lived in the 13th century CE. The book covers various topics related to worship, transactions, marriage, divorce, inheritance, and other aspects of Islamic law according to the Hanafi school of thought.


The book is available for free download from several online sources, such as the Internet Archive and the Indian Culture website. The file size is about 200 MB and the number of pages is 1,152. The language of the book is Arabic and it has no translation or commentary. The book is divided into 10 chapters, each with several sub-chapters and sections. The chapters are as follows:

  • Kitab al-Taharah (The Book of Purity)

  • Kitab al-Salah (The Book of Prayer)

  • Kitab al-Zakah (The Book of Alms)

  • Kitab al-Sawm (The Book of Fasting)

  • Kitab al-Hajj (The Book of Pilgrimage)

  • Kitab al-Buyu' (The Book of Trade)

  • Kitab al-Nikah (The Book of Marriage)

  • Kitab al-Talaq (The Book of Divorce)

  • Kitab al-Fara'id (The Book of Inheritance)

  • Kitab al-Qada' wa al-Shahadat (The Book of Judgement and Testimony)

The book is considered to be a reliable and concise reference for Hanafi fiqh, as it is based on the opinions of the most prominent Hanafi jurists, such as Abu Hanifa, Abu Yusuf, Muhammad al-Shaybani, al-Karkhi, al-Sarakhsi, al-Marghinani, and others. The author also mentions the views of other schools of thought, such as the Shafi'i, Maliki, and Hanbali schools, and provides arguments and evidences for his preferences. The book is written in a clear and simple style, with minimal use of technical terms and jargon.

The book is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about the basics of Hanafi fiqh or to refresh their knowledge on the subject. It can also be used as a reference for students and teachers of Islamic law, as well as for judges and muftis who issue fatwas (legal opinions) according to the Hanafi school. However, the book is not a substitute for more detailed and comprehensive works on Hanafi fiqh, such as al-Hidayah, al-Mabsut, al-Muhit, and others. The book also requires some background knowledge on the sources and principles of Islamic law, as well as the ability to read and understand classical Arabic.

To download Khulasat Ul Fatwa.pdf for free, you can visit any of the following links:

  • [Internet Archive] or [Internet Archive]

  • [Indian Culture]


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