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Hector Ponomarev
Hector Ponomarev

[S1E1] Evie's Explosion Of Taste

Evie then asks Mal to use her magic to make her cupcakes better but cautiously says no, as she is trying to be good. Evie points out that using magic for a good cause is automatically good but Mal does not think it works that way. Evie then gets down on her knees and begs Mal to help her until she finally gives in. Mal gets out her spell book and begins to cast a spell that will make Evie's cupcakes an explosion of taste. But because of Evie's interruption, Mal accidentally turns her cupcakes into exploding cupcakes. Worst of all, Audrey gets hit by one that gets thrown away by Evie in disgust after tasting it.

[S1E1] Evie's Explosion of Taste



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